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Goal of Holland Law Offices

Our desire is to provide competent legal representation to each client based upon the facts of their case, the law in
Tennessee and any logical or permissible extension of the law in Tennessee.Further, to defend all claims made
against each client within the bounds of the law with the ultimate desire to win the litigation if legally possible or
otherwise to hold any monetary award against the client to the absolute minimum.

My Commitment

My desire is to fulfill the goal with each client.To do so each client must commit to be truthful concerning their
factual situation and to share all relevant information so that we may fully evaluate the situation each client
faces.When clients are fully involved in their representation and interact with their attorney, then and only then,
can I fulfill my commitment competently and appropriately.The proper evaluation of the case usually leads to the
best possible result at the lowest fee possible.Therefore, representation to achieve the best result possible at the
lowest reasonable fee is not only my ultimate desire but my commitment to each client.

About Our Practice

Mr. Holland is engaged in the active trial practice of civil litigation.This includes special emphasis upon domestic
and family law as well as personal injury litigation. Most remaining civil litigation including contract representation
and probate are areas where Mr. Holland likewise has substantial experience.Mr. Holland likewise accepts cases in
Criminal Court and General Sessions Court with emphasis on DWI representation as well as felony representation.

Mr. Holland likewise has experience in appellate practice, both civil and criminal, as well as practice in the Supreme
Court of the State of Tennessee.

Finally Mr. Holland is licensed to practice in Federal District Court and has successfully litigated in Federal District
Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee. Mr. Holland does not engage in federal criminal practice and is not
available for such representation.

Education and Experience

Mr. Holland is a native born Knoxvillian and has resided in Knoxville, Tennessee except while serving on active
duty as an Officer in the United States Army.Mr. Holland graduated from The University of Tennessee with a
Bachelor in Science in 1971.Further Mr. Holland graduated from The University of Tennessee College of Law with
a Doctorate in Jurisprudence in June of 1974.Mr. Holland sat for the July 1974 Tennessee State Bar Exam and was
licenced to practice law in all courts in the State of Tennessee on October 5, 1974.

His Board of Professional Responsibility number is 596.Mr. Holland has continuously practiced since his date of
licensure and has never experienced disciplinary action of any kind.This statement may be verified through the
website for The Board of Professional Responsibility for The Supreme Court for The State of Tennessee.

Mr. Holland has tried numerous jury trials in the Criminal Courts of Knox County and some surrounding
counties.He has tried numerous jury trials in various Civil Trial Courts in East Tennessee.Additionally Mr. Holland
has tried numerous cases to the Trial Court itself throughout East Tennessee.Mr. Holland has experience in Federal
District Court civil litigation.


Mr. Holland was born on May 24, 1949, in Knoxville, Tennessee.He has
been married since 1971.He and his wife have four adult children and
currently have three grandchildren.  All four children have earned
Bachelor Degrees and in addition thereto one adult child at this time has
a Masters Degree.Mr. Holland’s passion is UT Athletics and essentially
whatever sport which is in season at the time. Mr. and Mrs. Holland also
enjoy traveling throughout the Southeastern United States.Likewise as
conservative Southern Baptists attendance at church functions and church
ministries are important to them.

Offices and Staff

Mr. Holland’s office is located in West Knox County, Tennessee
approximately 1/4 mile west of the I-140 interchange at Kingston
Pike.At this point in his career Mr. Holland engages in solo practice of
law with the primary staff member and Office Manager being Mrs.
Linda Holland.The offices include multiple conference rooms and a full
Tennessee Law Library as well as full WestLaw Internet access for
Tennessee practice.

Compensation Arrangements

We represent personal injury cases ordinarily with a contingency fee arrangement.This simply means that
compensation for our services is taken from the ultimate recovery.The percentage of compensation, if not set by
statute, will be agreed to prior to the rendering of services.

Should the client wish, we will consider an hourly fee arrangement even in a personal injury action but we do not
recommend such a fee arrangement.

In most other cases compensation is based upon an hourly fee arrangement based on work actually done on each
case. In an hourly fee arrangement there will always be a retainer which is applied to the hourly charges before
additional fees are charged.

In any case there will be expenses of litigation.Current Tennessee law requires those expenses to be in addition to
attorney’s fees and will be the expense of the client.

We encourage clients to discuss compensation early in the interview process.

Except in unusual circumstances the initial interview process is free of charge.In certain unique situations an
interview fee may be charged.This will be communicated to the client when the interview is either scheduled or
continued after the client agrees to the charges for said interview.However each client will be given an opportunity
to terminate an interview without any charge for that interview.


Access from Interstate 40: From I-40 take the Pellissippi Parkway-Maryville-Airport exit and take the first exit,
Kingston Pike West.Travel through the red light on Kingston Pike West and go 1 block west on Kingston
Pike.Turn left between the Clayton Bank and Trust and United Rentals onto Durwood Road.Then turn left into
the second driveway from Kingston Pike into the Holland Law Offices building.

Access from Kingston Pike Westbound: Westbound on Kingston Pike travel underneath I-140 (Pellissippi Parkway)
and continue westbound through the red light at Fort Sanders West Complex.Turn left between the Clayton Bank
and Trust and United Rentals onto Durwood Road.Then turn left into the second driveway from Kingston Pike
into the Holland Law Offices building.

Access from Kingston Pike Eastbound: Eastbound on Kingston Pike from the Lovell Road intersection travel
through two redlights eastbound and take the next right onto Durwood Road located between Clayton Bank and
Trust and United Rentals.Then turn left into the second driveway from Kingston Pike into the Holland Law Offices

J. Terry Holland
108A Durwood Road

Knoxville, Tennessee 37922
865~692~1144 Office
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